Empowering Change Ahead: New Pricing, Big Impact

Dear Imani + Kids Community,

Today marks a pivotal moment in our future, and we are so excited to announce that we're lowering our prices starting today, April 30th.

Pricing is complex, especially in an artisan-based business.  As a leader in the Ethical Impact space, we believe in sustainability among our people, profits, and purpose of creating dignified work.

Over the years, we have experimented with our pricing and found that raising prices actually hindered our impact.  We saw a decrease in sales, hurting our profits and ultimately slowing down the growth of our collective.

This decision embodies our mission to empower and include more of you in our story, making it easier for everyone to bring a piece of our story into your homes and lives.

This shift is more than a price reduction -- it is a strategic move to invest in our collective future, to honor our artisans and our commitment to radical listening and adapting. We're here to create a ripple effect of change, not only in the places we live but in the hearts of everyone we touch, including the incredible artisans in Kenya who are the heartbeat of everything we stand for. We are steadfast in our commitment to this future and are grateful to have you, our community, by our side.

Your unwavering support makes this possible. Your belief in our mission fosters a community that uplifts every member, ensuring everyone has a voice and a place in our shared story.

Your purchase empowers another human, and for that, we thank you.

With gratitude and commitment to our future together,
We are not just better together - we are our best.

Jenny Nuccio

Founder & CEO, Imani Collective

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