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"Let it be Wild" Book

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Let it be Wild is inspired by the roots of Imani Collective.

Born from a wild dream that founder Jenny Nuccio made into a reality, Imani Collective is a community of dreamers + shakers unafraid to ask, "Why not?" It is through this community that we unleash a woman's greatness through empowerment + opportunity.

In Let It Be Wild, Nuccio shares her journey of discovering and nurturing her wild soul that led to starting the business that is holistically empowering over 100 artisans in Kenya - inviting the reader along for the ride and challenging them to awaken their own wild soul. 

This book will take you through Jenny's audacious life journey that led her to make Kenya home. From an elementary school start-up business to backpacking through Peru, Jenny candidly shares her highs, lows, and lessons learned as she stepped into her truest self.

It is Jenny's hope that the reader will see themselves in these stories, remember their wild, and go out and change the world. She values the heart of the dreamer and encourages you to "let it be wild."


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